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Politics not Policy Guiding the RFS

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is required by law to set the amount of biofuel they will require to be blended with gasoline for the following year. They are tasked with doing this before December to give businesses some idea of what their mandates will be for the upcoming year. But we are more than [...]

California’s LCFS Raises Prices at the Pump

The United States Supreme Court announced on June 30 it would not review California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS). This decision allows California to go forward with its LCFS. As a result we will likely see even higher gasoline prices in California. A Low Carbon Fuel Standard limits the amount of greenhouse gases vehicle fuel [...]

Biofuels Industry’s Claims for RFS don’t Stack Up

In a last ditch effort to drum up support from lawmakers in light of the recent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposal that would decrease the amount of biofuels required by the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) in the nation’s fuel supply from 18.15 billion gallons to 15.21 billion gallons[1], representatives from biofuels companies recently flocked to [...]

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Why This Matters

The United States is estimated to have 9,000 years worth of coal resources at current levels of consumption.