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Domestic Production Causing Oil Imports to Plummet

For decades, the American presidents and congress have promised to reduce our dependence on foreign oil (as you can see in this video below): Promises were made to reduce imports  of foreign oil by everything from cellulosic ethanol to solar energy. None of these big-government programs worked. After the oil shocks of the 1970s, U.S. [...]

More Trouble for KiOR

On these pages, we have been chronicling the sad saga of alternative-fuel company KiOR, which is facing class action lawsuits and an SEC investigation because it allegedly misled investors about the plausibility of its biofuel production targets. In the present post we’ll summarize the latest developments, which show that KiOR is teetering on the edge [...]

UN Condemns Biofuels in New Report

For decades, principled defenders of free energy markets have pointed out the absurdities of government support for biofuels. The decentralized market system provides the proper feedback—in the form of the profit/loss test—to investors to determine the correct mix of various sources in the country’s overall energy output. If it really made economic sense produce over [...]

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Why This Matters

The United States is estimated to have 9,000 years worth of coal resources at current levels of consumption.